Ferroelectric Paper

Another piece of the saga of lock-arm supramolecular ordering-based organic ferroelectric crystals from Dennis’ ongoing graduate and postdoctoral project has been published in JACS. This time, the observation of two dimensions of polarization is presented alongside strong evidence for non-centrosymmetry.

Summer students

Once again this summer we have a busy group. This year we welcome four fresh faces as part of an HHMI-funded Young Researchers program. Stella, Fernando, Nhu, and Hiywot will be with us for 10 weeks, studying organic chemistry and synthesizing aromatic compounds. Welcome!

Honors for Penny

Penny successfully defended her thesis today! Her interdisciplinary Honors project relied on her chemistry skills to determine the content of secretions made by harvestmen, better known as daddy long-legs. Penny’s findings have provided significant insight into the evolution of mating behavior. Congrats Penny!

Welcome Kellie

Kellie Stellmach is a first-year who is joining the lab. She will be investigating the co-crystallization of complementary hydrogen-bonding partners, welcome Kellie!

Welcome Andrew, Qifan, Eman, Joe, and Kofi

It’ll be a busy 10 weeks of summer with 6 students in the lab. Andrew, Qifan, Eman, and Joe are rising junior chemistry majors, and Kofi is a rising sophomore who intends to be a major as well. They will all be synthesizing crazy molecules, characterizing their properties, and generally having a wild time. These opportunities were made possible through generous awards by the MacKnight Haan Ludwig Summer Research Fund (Andrew and Qifan), Violet Olson Beltmann Fund (Eman and Mohammed), and Science and Research Office Funds (Joe and Kofi). Welcome everyone!

Honors for Dan

Dan presented and successfully defended his Honors Project after an appropriate grilling by a friendly committee. We look forward to seeing his thesis on our shelves soon!

Welcome Mohammed Modan

Our group continues to expand! Mohammed is a sophomore chemistry major who got into research by computationally evaluating his organic chemistry professor’s conformational analysis abilities. Mohammed will be attempting to synthesize some novel aromatic imides that he has been modeling over the last semester. Welcome Mohammed!

Welcome Penny Kahn

The group keeps on growing with the addition of Penny Kahn! Penny is a biology major and anthropology/chemistry minor in her junior year and she is excited to be enhancing her chemical skillset in preparation for a future career in research. Penny will be developing new reactions for the synthesis of aromatic imides. Welcome Penny!

Welcome Dan Lee

The group is doubling in size with the arrival of Dan Lee! Dan is a senior undergraduate who is participating in the Macalester Honors Program for the 2015-2016 academic year. As part of the Honors Program, Dan will be synthesizing novel structures using alkyne metathesis. Dan comes to the group with previous summer research experiences at UIUC in Kami Hull’s┬álab as an REU Scholar, and at Caltech in Robert Grubbs’┬álab as an Amgen Scholar.

Birth of a Lab Website

Dennis begins his independent career at Macalester officially on August 1, 2015. In the meantime, he has excitedly spent some time creating this rudimentary website. Hopefully it will be filled with interesting news updates as the years go on.